The Urban Farm. Where children run free!

I love taking Chicco to places where he will learn and his senses will be stimulated.  Or just take him somewhere different to his usual surroundings.  It’s that thing us parents have about wanting to see our kids happy, and wanting to know that we’re preserving their childhood and giving them memories and life skills that they will keep with them for years to come.   I would travel the world with him if I had the means, but for now, my little trips here and there will have to suffice. 

Urban Farm6

Last weekend, my sister and I decided to take our kids to our local urban farm.  These places are amazing if you live in a city.  Our town isn’t exactly all grey and concrete, but it’s not open fields either.  Finding a little treasure like this is a treat for the kids and us.  It was quite a journey to get down there, but Chicco loved it, so the trip was worth it. 

So if you’re thinking of somewhere to take your little ones, that isn’t too expensive, will be fun and educational, seek out your own local urban farm.  Not only do they help the local community but they give children an insight into a world they may otherwise not be so fortunate to experience. 

There was so much to do here, from petting animals, feeding goats and even taking part in an owl display.  They even had a hog race!

This blog will be filled with pictures, but I’m not apologising.  Urban farms are a feast for the senses.  There were many more to put up, but I chose only a few.  Enjoy!!

Urban farm4

As part of the Animal Encounter, which lasted half an hour, trained experts brought round some animals that we could all safely pet.  There were some reptiles too, snakes, lizards and even an iguana, but in all the excitement I forgot to take any pictures of those!!  Urban farm2


Urban farm3

Down in the actual farm there were a huge range of animals to see.  All the usual animals you would expect on a farm, cows, ducks, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheet, Shetland ponies, and even Hogs. Some could even be fed. 

Urban farm5

Swimming with the ducks though, we managed to spot a few turtles!  Chicco spotted a Chipmunk, but he was too fast for me to get a picture of!   

Urban Farm8

There were also these super cute Alpacas. 

Urban Farm1

This one caught our attention!

Urband farm9.jpg

There was even a fun themed playground with slides, swings and this ultra cool tractor climbing frame! 

Urban Farm7

We later headed to the owl exhibition which was just awesome.  When they said interactive, I didn’t realise how interactive.  Adults and children were asked to work together to build a human tunnel which the owl then flew through.  Not just once, but three times.  Ah May Zing!!  We were so close to this animal which literally flew under our arms.  I would go again just for that. 

Urban farm10.jpg

Indoors there were bouncy castles for all the kids near the gift shop and café, but there was also these ride on tractors that Chicco was obsessed with!  It was a fun filled day. 

One I would highly recommend to parents everywhere!





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