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The secret to packing for a vacation (Packing Cubes)

Packing Cubes 2

One of the worst things for parents when travelling with kids is not just packing, but finding clothes you’ve packed once you reach your destination.  Actually, t’s not just a problem when you have kids, it’s also a problem when you don’t have kids!  It’s an ‘everybody’ problem! 

I love being organised and knowing where everything is, so I can get to them easily. So whenever I would travel, I always had my suitcase set up in a very particular way.  Since I basically live out of my suitcase when I’m away, everything had to have a method.  Everything in its place.  But I would always reach a point in my holiday when my suitcase was a mess.  It was almost impossible to keep things exactly in their little designated areas. Clothes would get crumpled, or lost, or I would forget what I had because I couldn’t see anything.

It’s worse when you’re travelling with kids.  You have more clothes to lose and more material that’s crumpled, and less time to rifle through the mess, or iron what you have.  On my first trip with Chicco, I resorted to putting his clothes in a carrier bag so I wouldn’t lose them amongst mine.  There had to be a better solution.  All my research paid off and I discovered Packing Cubes!

To be fair, I only discovered these right before my last trip and now I don’t know how I managed without them.  Actually I do know, everything was a mess!

So what are packing cubes?  Cute nifty zipped, cuboid bags used to store clothes.  The most popular ones seems to be by a company called Eagle Creek.  I don’t have those, because they’re a little expensive.   They do seem good though.  They have a variety of sizes and a large one that has a board in it to help you fold your clothes the right way so they fit.

I was just about to go onto Amazon and buy them when I decided to do a quick google search.  Lo and behold I found a set of packing cubes in Ikea for only £7.50!!  A whole set of different sizes!  In different colours!  I love you Ikea!!

Packing Cubes1

Here is the link to the cubes on the Ikea  site.

They sold them as a pack of four and each set came in either dark blue or a dark pink.  There were four different sizes, a small, medium, large and another large one that looked like it would be good for shoes.  The medium one had two zipped sides so double the packing space!

To give you an idea of their size, here is what I packed in them:

Chicco Chicco’s Mum
Small 4 pairs of Chicco’s socks, 4 vests and 6 underpants 6 pairs of underwear and 4 bras
Medium In one side I managed to get all Chicco’s Trousers (2 pairs) and shorts (5 pairs). I filled up the other side with his tops (7 t-shirts and 3 long sleeved tops). 2 pairs of PJs and 2 maxi dresses.  In the other side I was able to fit 4 outfits.
Large These were large enough for me to get all of Chicco’s clothes in one. 4 very heavily beaded ‘going out’ outfits that I didn’t want to squish by rolling.

I bought two packets, in two different colours.  Which meant it would be easier to spot what belongs to me and what belonged to Chicco.  I didn’t use them all though.  I didn’t need to.  And I only used them for clothes, not things like towels and toiletries.

Packing the clothes like this meant it was easier for me to take things out without messing everything up.  It also meant, I knew what I had and what I needed.  And saving space?  Boy!!  It saved tons of space!!   During my holiday, if I would be staying with friends or family for the night, I could easily just pack one up with enough clothes for the both of us.  If you’re staying in a hotel, they don’t need to be unpacked, you can just pop them right into the drawers.  In fact at home now, I use some in my drawers to organise smaller items of clothing, or store clothes I don’t want to get damaged.

Packing cubes are amazing and I would highly recommend them to help you have an easier time with your clothes, so you can actually focus on having fun!








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