A nifty trick for organising scarves and shawls

Hijaab organiser full1

Pashminas, square scarves, long scarves and shawls.  I have scores of them.  Not quite hundreds, but enough to create some major chaos in my room. 

I’ve tried folding them neatly into drawers, rolling them in shoe boxes and even laying them flat in under bed storage boxes.  Yet no matter where I put them, within a week, my neat folds and well thought out organisation turns into a hot mess.  I can no longer find what I need and if I do, it’s all crumpled. 

I’m quite an organised person, so not only does this stress me out, but it takes me ages to just find a scarf to put together with an outfit. 

I have finally found a solution and I want to share it with you all.  This has changed my life and I know it will do the same for you!

Shoe Organisers!


Wait.  I know it sounds a bit crazy, but trust me.  It works!!

These were super cheap.  Originally meant for shoes, they hang over doors and have 20 pockets each.  I have two of these and hang them over my wardrobe doors.  In each pocket I can store three square scares, or two pashminas, or one big shawl.  I roll my scarves before putting them in, which means they are less likely to get creased.  Also, it’s so much easier to see what I have without having to rifle through everything.  As an added bonus, those hijab pins and brooches can be pinned right onto any pocket, in plain sight.

Hijab organiser close up1

I love this system.  It works for me.  And I know it will work for you too!



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