Busy Mum. Happy Toddler.

Weekends are never long enough.  The two days I get off from work to spend with Chicco are precious to me.  Not only am I trying to focus on my little man and make up for the time I missed with him during the week, but I’m trying to do mum duties too; laundry, cleaning, ironing, grocery shopping, cooking for the rest of the week and somehow finding time to see family and friends too.  By the time Monday comes round, I’m usually more tired than I was on the Friday!   So when I recently had an extra-long weekend, I just didn’t know what to do with myself!! 

The weekend was a busy one. Most of Saturday was spent at a baby shower, where children were not invited (!) and Sunday was spent at a Women’s Expo near the 02 in London.  So Monday had to be on point! 

I decided to kill a few birds with one stone, so I planned a day with Chicco, my sister and two nieces.  I wanted to do something that we would all enjoy, and something that meant we could spend some quality time together. 

I took the five of us for a nice long drive.  It was lovely to just chat and laugh and even sing badly in the car.  The latter is something we’re all really good at!  We popped to a shopping centre and did a little shopping.  Having my nieces there was really good because being 16 and 17 it means they can do some running around with Chicco when I’m pooped.  And that boy can run!  We each treated ourselves to a little something and I even bought Chicco a little toy. He spotted a Power Rangers mask and mega blaster and was hooked.  Fortunately it was half off, so I was happy to let him have the joy!  Lunch was at Frangos.  It’s a grilled chicken place which is so family friendly and therefore one of our favourite places to eat.  I also love that they’ve started doing Churros for dessert, which are egg-free and Chicco loved them.  Finally, we took another long drive to a different shopping centre where we had some delicious bubble tea.   This was a new experience for Chicco.  He loved the tang of the green apple, but the boba balls were way too strange for him.  I wish I’d filmed the reaction on his face when the first lychee ball popped in his mouth!  Bubble Tea

In a nutshell, that was our day out.  It was pretty simple and we didn’t have to blow a load of money.  By the time we got home, Chicco was exhausted, but he was happy.  I know this because before he fell asleep, he hugged me so hard and declared me his ‘best friend of the best’!

It doesn’t take much to make our little ones happy.  Just some of our time and attention on them.  I often lose focus because I’m so concerned with doing what I can to make sure my son has a good future.  I just have to remind myself that our present is just as important.  Days like this; they help me remember. 







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