Easiest Sausage Rolls Ever

Sausage Rolls

The recipe I’m about to post is so ridiculously easy, I almost feel embarrassed to call it a recipe.  It’s more of a ‘put-together’ of ingredients.  But it had to be added because it’s one of those recipes everybody should know about. Essentially they are your everyday sausage roll, but I add a little ‘twist’ to them that takes them to another level!

Whether it’s a picnic, a dinner, part of a meal or a snack, I know that sausage rolls will always be a huge hit.  It’s not just the little ones that love them, adults do too.  They’re so simple to make, easy to transport and egg-free too! There are only two ingredients and I always keep both in my freezer.  If you’re ever called upon to bring a dish and you have no energy to be fancy, try these.  If you don’t want meat, you can easily replace these with vegetarian or vegan sausages.


1 packet sausages. (I use Tahira Halal Chicken Frankfurters)

1 roll puff pastry

 And that’s it!

1.       Completely defrost your sausages and puff pastry.

2.       Preheat your oven to 180c.

3.       Cut your puff pastry into thing long strips.  How thin and long will depend on how big and long your sausages are.

4.       Dry the sausages so there is no ice or water on them.

5.       Wrap the puff pastry strip around the sausage, so that it is not completely covered.  Sausage roll

6.       Cut each sausage into three pieces.

7.       Place on a baking tray and bake in the oven for about 30 mins, or until the pastry is puffed up and flaky.  I usually know my sausages are done when they double in size.  (They shrink back eventually).

 If this recipe is too bland for you, something I have done in the past is spread a little chilli sauce or tomato puree on the pastry before I cut it into strips.  When you roll it around the sausage, make sure the spread side is touching the sausage. 

 All you have to do now, is enjoy!


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