What’s In My Toddler’s Backpack ~ Everyday Essentials

Now that Chicco is out of nappies (when he’s awake) and no longer drinking from a bottle, I’ve done away with the traditional chunky changing bag! No more lugging around a hefty, heavy, back breaker! Sweet relief!!  But, there are still some things I always like to keep on hand for him, just in case.  The reality is, he won’t always keep his clothes clean, food will spill, grass will be rolled in and mud will be messed with.  Not to mention that sometimes we may not make it to the toilet in time.  (Yes that’s happened!)

When Chicco goes to nursery he plays pretty hard and most days comes back with a different outfit than the one he started the day in.  As well as clothes, there are other essentials that he needs with him, that just don’t belong in my handbag.  It seemed a smart idea to give him a basic ‘toddler essentials’ bag that he could keep with him at all times, even if I’m not with him.   

I wanted one that I knew he would be happy to carry, so I let him pick it.  His first choice was a huge Spiderman backpack that was almost bigger than he was!  That was a ‘no’.  Then he spotted the Fireman Sam one.  This was the winner.  It was small enough to sit nicely on his back and it was lightweight and big enough to carry what we needed.  And for only £4, it was much less than I was expecting to pay.

Toddler Bag


 Here’s a sneak peek into Chicco’s rucksack.  The necessities we need every day!

 A change of clothes:  

This comprises of a top, bottoms, socks, and underpants.  I usually check this every evening just to make sure that I have a complete set, in case anything has been removed during the day.  This also changes according to the weather.  During the cooler months, I keep a vest in there too. 

 A nappy/ diaper:

Yes Chicco is out of nappies.. during the day.  But he still wears them when he’s sleeping.  I haven’t quite mastered night-time toileting yet!  I keep a spare in here in case we stay out late and he falls asleep.  I learnt my lesson the time he fell asleep in the car on a late drive back and he wet himself in the car seat. 


I always keep wipes on me.  They’re just so darn handy for wiping up spills, cleaning dirty hands and faces and once, my wipes were a lifesaver when I spotted an ugly stain on my top just before I had to go into a meeting at work!  Not just for the kiddos then!!


Chicco is full of beans.  He runs around a lot and gets thirsty very quickly.  So I always keep a carton of juice in his bag.  It’s much cheaper than buying one every time.  He’s happy to drink water if I have a bottle, but he doesn’t usually drink juice so this is a bit of a treat for him.  This juice is by a brand called ‘Happy monkey’ and it tastes like water with only a hint of flavour. Which is probably why Chicco prefers it to normal juices. 


I mentioned in an earlier blog that Chicco suffers from Eczema.  At the moment it’s under control because I keep him moisturised constantly.  I use a product called Zero Cream which is amazing.  It comes in a large container, so I decant it into a smaller tub. 

Medi bag:

Because Chicco is allergic to eggs, I always keep his meds in here, amongst other places too.  So as well as allergy meds, I also keep some Calpol and plasters etc.  Things that may be needed when you least expect it.  This however is not a ‘first aid’ bag, but just a few basic essentials. 


Because it’s sunny out some days and Chicco is just super cool!


He has little cars everywhere.  In my car, in my handbag, under his pillow, under my pillow, once I even found some in the washing machine!  So it makes sense that there should be some in here. They’re a good distraction for when I need him to settle a bit.  Or just when a little bribery is in order!!

And that’s it. It’s pretty simple really.  I hope you enjoyed my little tour. 

Adios for now!





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