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Swimming with a toddler

Toddler swim

My local leisure centre has a parent toddler swimming session that I’ve been desperate to take advantage of. So this morning I dragged our butts out of bed early to head out for a swim.  If you haven’t swum with your little one yet, I suggest you do.  It was so much fun! 

I learnt to swim at school and now I still love it.  Swimming is one of those things that I believe everyone should know how to do.  It could literally save your life.  If I could have started earlier with Chicco, I definitely would have.  I mean come on, the United Kingdom is basically an island.  We’re surrounded by water.  Who knows what could happen!! 

Chicco loves taking a bath.  He’s one of those kids who doesn’t want to get out even when he’s all wrinkly. So I wasn’t too worried about how his first session in a pool would go.  It wasn’t going to be a formal swim session, just an opportunity for parents to have fun with their child in the water.  We went for the 9am – 10am session and it turned out this isn’t a popular time as we were the only ones there.  Bonus for us as we got the entire teaching pool to ourselves!  Children aren’t allowed in the ladies changing room, so Chicco and I had to use the mixed changing room. This is for families and those with a disability.  I wasn’t too fussed as there was nobody else in there.  Also the cost for the two of us was under £5, which is a bargain because the ladies only swimming session I attend at another pool is around £8 and that’s just for me! 

Swimming with a toddler isn’t always a nightmare experience.  Once Chicco was in the pool, the laughing and the shrieks of joy came immediately!  He jumped and he splashed and he couldn’t believe his luck that he was allowed to spray water at me!  For this little boy, the pool was like the most fun bath he could ever have, especially since there was no scrubbing and shampooing involved!!  Being the helicopter parent that I am, I held his hand for the first 20 mins.  We walked around the pool and where it was too deep for him, he let me pull him along. I was surprised at how quickly he mastered kicking with his feet and even blowing bubbles in the water.  We haven’t quite dunked our heads in yet, but we’ll get there.  The rest of the time he spent running in the water independently as we played games.  Getting out of the pool was a little more difficult.  He had to be coaxed out with promises of treats waiting for him in the car.  This will only work a second time as long as the treats are there the first time!  Luckily for me, his hot wheel cars are always everywhere, so it wasn’t difficult finding two under the seat and declaring them as new gifts!  Kids can be gullible like that! 

A word of advice though, the water is very chlorinated.  It’s harsh enough on my skin, but I was dreading what it would do to Chicco’s.  So I made sure to give him a shower as soon as we were out of the pool and moisturised his skin thoroughly.  And changing when you’re both all wet can be a bit tricky too.  As soon as he was out, he was shivering and cold.  I decided to change him first while I froze in my wet swimming costume.  In the long run, it’s better if I have a cold, than if he does!

It was such a brilliant session and we can’t wait to go back next week.  I didn’t get to swim, but I didn’t mind.  It was all about Chicco.  I know he loved it as he kept telling me how happy he is!  I feel I miss out a lot with Chicco because I work full-time, but things like this are my way of building memories with my son before he gets too old or too cool for me!  And hopefully he’ll remember these times as those happy days of his youth, long after I’m gone.



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