Them SuperMum days!

I don’t like to admit that I have bad mum days, because as a mother I’m expected to say that every day with my child is a joy.  And yeah it is, most of the time! The truth is, some days, are bad days! And that’s not to say that I’m doing bad mum things.  It just means that some days, to be fair, they are rare, but some days mum strengths are put to the test.  Today is one of those days. 

It’s a beautiful day outside.  It’s the weekend and I’d planned to spend some quality time with my son after a long week.  But this morning we both woke up a little out of sorts.  We’d both slept well, but we were both tired and groggy.  By 10.30am things went from foggy to hail storms as Chicco threw up everything he had for breakfast all over himself, the sofa, the rug, oh and me.  That was exactly an hour ago.  He’s finally asleep now, exhausted from all the vomiting, he just flopped into my arms and fell asleep.  The living room has been washed down and smells of febreeze.  Behind me, the washing machine is spinning clean the casualties that were our clothes and sofa covers and beside me is a rewarding cup of tea. It wasn’t easy getting from where I was an hour ago to where I am now, as it basically took a military operation.  But this is one I have mastered, because this was not my worst mum day!    

Dealing with a pukey kid situation is always hard, but so much more difficult when you’re a mum on your own.  The worst night that I can remember was about a year ago.  Chicco was fine before he went to bed but at about 3am I woke to hear him crying.  He had vomited all over his pillow, which had then transferred to his hair.  I was instantly awake and carried him to comfort him as he was visibly upset.  Of course this meant whatever he had on his hair rubbed onto my pyjamas.  As I sat for a minute trying to work out how best to comfort him and clean things up at the same time, the worst thing happened.  More puke, a lot more.  This time, it went all over my pillow, the duvet and all the blankets.  And me.  All over me.  Now I know I’m not alone here but the smell of puke makes me want to puke.  I was gagging and had to get away from the smell, but I couldn’t leave my baby who by this time was just bawling his eyes out! Logical thinking and military precision was in order here; Cleaning Chicco, cleaning me, washing linen, washing clothes, cleaning down everything else, changing the bed linen and febreezing everywhere.  Its moment like these that I wish I wasn’t alone. I think back to that night and I don’t know how I did it.  Not only did I do all that while was I sleep deprived, but I was also carrying and comforting an extremely distressed little boy.  That was a bad night.  But I made it through.  Once everything was done, I had the best night’s sleep.  Well, the best 4 hrs sleep as I had to wake up early the next day!

So here I am today, washing is now done, Chicco is still asleep and it’s nearly dinner time.  The peace will be over when I wake him from his nap and I have to keep my fingers crossed that whatever was in his system is all out now. 

Puke ups are problematic, but they also bring out the supermum in me!  So remember, when you’re having one of those days, just know you’re not alone.  And when you get to the other side, be utterly proud of yourself! x 


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