LittleLife Toddler Day Sack Dinosaur.

 When toddlers are learning to walk, sometimes, they don’t want to hold your hand.  They’ve just started mastering a new skill and found their feet, and as a mum, you’re just cramping their style!  But as much as I want my little one to have his freedom, I want to make sure, above all else, that he is safe.  Until he is able to understand about road safety, and general awareness of his environment, what’s the solution? 

 As soon as Chicco could walk, and up until he turned three, whenever we travelled together, or just popped to the shops and he wanted to walk, I always used this Day Sack.  I know a lot of parents don’t like the idea of putting reins on their children, but for me, this was more about letting my son learn independence, but maintaining overall safety. 

LittleLife-Toddler-Animal-Daysack-Rucksacks-Dinosaur-L10830-1 [111889]

I received this as a gift from my sister, but I know it retails for about £20.  It’s designed to be a small rucksack for very young children (aged 1-4 years) but also has a detachable rein for parents to hold on to.  It’s a very well designed product; small, lightweight and very durable.  It has a large zipped pocket that can hold a nappy, wipes, and small toys.  (It could probably also hold a small drink carton, but I don’t like to make it too heavy).  It’s waterproof, so nothing inside will get wet, and it also has a small hood hidden away in another zipped pocket.  The Day Sack straps can be adjusted, but the rein cannot.  It’s designed to look like a little dinosaur, so it’s practical and fun. 

My son loved carrying this on his back.  The dinosaur element helped, but knowing he was carrying his own toys gave him a sense of grown up responsibility.  Most of the time when he was wearing it, he would hold my hand, but if he wanted to run ahead of me, I was happy to let him since he could only go so far.  My son was a bolter, so when he got the chance, he would always make a run for it!

Airport Umair 2

Chicco is a little older now, so he won’t wear it.  But when he did, it was a huge help.  I used it when he and I flew on holiday alone.  I was so grateful to have it when I was getting through the airport.  I was pulling a cabin trolley, carrying a large holdall and trying to keep hold of Chicco. Imagine trying to pull out tickets and passports and boarding passes with no hands free!  With the day sack, all I did was slip it around my wrist and let him play near me, while I dealt with airport staff.  My biggest fear has always been losing him in a crowd, but this gave me some peace of mind.  I’d also stuffed it with his little toys for when he gets bored and needs some entertainment.  The trick though was to not show him where the toys are, or else they would all come out at once! 

This Day Sack has been used by Chicco and his older cousin; two very boisterous boys, but is still in perfect condition.  Don’t be put off by the price, it’s worth every penny; or by other people’s opinions.  I would recommend this product to other mums for so many reasons. But mainly because being a mum is tough, and little gadgets like this make it easier.  So why not?



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