What does a three year old love to read?

Fave Books

When your little one is full of beans and jumps around like a supercharged Duracell bunny, sometimes what you need is a good book that will captivate him and calm him down a little.  Books like that aren’t easy to find, but over my three years with Chicco, I’ve discovered four golden nuggets that just might do the trick for you!     

Chicco is a great lover of books and I try to read to him before he goes to bed.  But we also love just sitting together, having a cuddle and pouring over some literary adventures!  At the moment there are four particular books that he loves and I think are great for him.  The books I’ve listed below really are his current favourites of all the books he has.  They’re all bright, delightful and just entertaining!

In my Little Pirate BedTop That! Publishing

This is cute little counting book. It’s about a little boy and all the toys he has in his Pirate Bed.  

Each page has a number and a description of what’s there with pictures to count.  It’s simple and easy to read.  Chicco loves this book because he loves counting the pictures, which are things like parrots, flags, and hats.  Once he’s counted the pictures he gets to associate the figure with the actual number.  The book is designed so that when it is closed, it looks like a little boy in his bed.  The soft 3D character attached is an added element of fun. This can’t be detached and has managed to stay on despite many attempts by Chicco to pull it off!! 

In my pirate bed


Pirates Love UnderpantsClaire Freedman and Ben Cort

This is Chicco’s absolute favourite book.  It’s about pirates going on an adventure to find ‘the fabled Pants of Gold’.  It’s a little bit cheeky as the pirates travel to ‘Big Knickers Bay’ and cross the ‘Three Pants Ridge’, but it’s a funny book and all in good humour.  My son is crazy about pirates at the moment, so this is perfect as he loves the mischief they get up to.  It’s als o bright and engaging, so he doesn’t get bored of it.  I know that there are other books in the series; ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and ‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants’, but I didn’t want to spend £6.99 on them when I got this for only £2.  Even though this is a large-ish book, it’s quite thin and lightweight, so I took this with me on our travels and read it to Chicco on the plane and on holiday.  Over and over and over and over again!! 

Pirate ;ove underpants


Busy AirportA Ladybird Lift the Flap Book

I bought this book before my first plane trip with Chicco, thinking it would be a good introduction to airports and planes.  I also hoped it would be entertaining on the flight.  In the end I decided not to take it as it is a bit heavy.  Never the less, he does love this book as he’s quite into planes.  The book follows ‘Passenger Pete’ as he makes his way through the airport and onto the plane.  There are things to spot and point out which are nicely labelled, which is good because he’s at the age now where he likes to observe things and talk about what’s happening.  Kids will love lifting the flaps and seeing what’s underneath and each page has a few flaps to lift.   The flaps can be a bit confusing as they all lift in different directions, which has led to one little casualty!  Easily fixed with tape though.   

Busy Airport


 Ten Friendly FishDebbie Tarbett

This book is different to all the others he has.  It’s normally £7.99, but I bought it on sale for £3.99.  It took him a while to get into this book, but now he loves it.  It’s about ten little fish as they swim along and meet other sea creatures along the way.  This is another counting book as on each page you lose a fish who swims away, but your child learns to count and to subtract.  It’s not a normal counting book though, because although you have fish to count and a number associated with that on the page, the fish are actually 3D and the book is cut out so physically it’s very stimulating.  Because the fish are solid and raised, it encourages Chicco to use his finger to count each fish.  The final page is a pop-up surprise that he adores. 

Ten Friendly Fish

I would recommend all the books above for your three year old.  Not only are they educational in their own ways, but they are also very engaging.  Just the kind of books we need for our little ones!!




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