Home Facial on a budget

There’s a heavy load of guilt that comes after an hour of pleasure on a strangers bed.  £50 or more being spent on a pampering facial at a semi-luxury salon.  What were you thinking?!


When I used to be a bit more carefree, I would happily spend my money on monthly facials.  On rare occasions, usually leading up to a big event, I still do.  But I’m not so flush anymore, so I’ve had to make do with some decent products at home.

When you’re a mum, the time you spend pampering yourself can be precious.  So before I start, I like to make sure I’ve got the ambience right.  Chicco has to be asleep.  My home has to be tidy, dishes cleaned and then I’m ready.

First thing I do is brush my teeth.  I know this isn’t technically part of the facial, but I can’t get the full effect unless I have minty fresh breath too!

All traces of make-up are removed with wipes.  I don’t like to use make up wipes as I haven’t found any I like.  I prefer to use Huggies Pure Baby wipes.  Firstly because I have so many left over from when Chicco was in nappies and secondly because, well if it’s gentle enough for his bottom, it must be fine for my face!

Once all the make-up is off, I use Johnson’s gentle exfoliating wash.  I love this as I’ve been using it for a long time and has never let me down.  My skin always feels super soft and super clean after I’ve used it.  It does say to use the product daily, but I find that since it’s an exfoliator, it would be too harsh on my skin for daily use.  The most I use it is two or three times a week.  It’s not a very expensive product and since I only use a tiny bit at a time, it lasts ages and so is excellent value for money.

This product has to be used on a wet face.  I take a small amount and start massaging this into my skin in circular motions.  I start with my cheeks, my chin, around my mouth, my nose area, my forehead and then my neck.  I never use this on the delicate skin around my eyes.  I like to take my time doing this, to really slouch off the dead skin cells and stimulate the skin to help keep it glowey.

To remove the product I rinse with water. Then I take a small flannel with as hot water as I can handle and use this to wipe away any product that’s left.  The heat should help open up the pores.  This is necessary for the next step: blackhead removal.

Salons have a fancy little tool that they use to dig out the little black heads.  It kills.  My gosh does it kill!  At home though, I use nose strips.  I’ve tried expensive ones and very cheap ones, but I’ve found the best one is a Wilko own brand product, called Spotless Skincare.  I just wet my nose a little, and apply it.  If your nose is too wet, the product will just turn to mush and not work.  Make sure to push it into the crease on the side of your nose so it can catch all the tiny hairs.  After about 10 minutes you will feel that the strip has become hard.  Once it is hard all over, you just pull it off.  Just like a plaster.  It will hurt, but it won’t kill.  The more it hurts, the better it’s worked.  I like to take a moment to just stare at the strip and all the gunk that has been yanked off.  I’m a freak like that!

Once I’ve cleaned off the nose area with luke warm water the next step is a face mask.  I use Botanics Ionic Clay Mask  which I put all over my face and neck apart from my eye area.  I then take two damp, used, green tea bags and place them over my eyes.  This stays on for about 20 minutes until the clay hardens.  I then use the same flannel, to wash the dried clay away.  Once it’s all off you can see the difference on my skin immediately.  My skin looks more even toned and brighter.

The final step is the easiest.  I take my flannel and wash it with the coldest water I can handle and then wring it so it’s no longer soggy.  I then lay back and place the flannel over my face for about a minute.  This then closes up all the pores nicely.

And voila!  All you do now is moisturise in the normal way that you do.

Adios for now!


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