Motherhood milestones & Cath Kidston bags

Who knew that my son’s transition from a tiny baby to a tumbling toddler would be marked by Cath Kidston bags?  Three bags in particular.  Each bag defining me as a mother at a particular time.

My love affair with Cath Kidston and her vintage floral bags began after my son was born.  I wanted to buy myself a ‘birthing gift’. For me, a bag is always the perfect gift.

I was already lugging around a big changing bag and pushing a buggy, so I picked something simple and light, that I could carry across my body and would still look pretty!

Mini Satchel1

I went for the Kingswood Rose Green Mini Satchel, which actually isn’t too mini.  This size was just right for me to carry my basic essentials; purse, phone, keys, lipstick and tissues, with a little extra spare room.  It was nicely structured so no matter how full, it always lay flat against me without looking too bulky.  There is no zip for the main compartment, just a magnetic fastener with a large flap-over cover.  However there is a zip pocket on the inside and a nice long adjustable strap.  Everything in this bag were things that I needed.  This bag was all about me!

Once Chicco was at nursery and I was back at work, I chose to mark the new era with another Cath Kidston bag.  This time I went for something very different.  I needed something that I could use for work, but also use as a replacement for my changing bag on short trips.  It had to be big enough to carry all the essentials, but it still had to look smart.

Day Bag

I chose the Folk Flowers Grey Day Bag.  This is a large bag with a zip.  It holds a lot but doesn’t look or feel massive.  There are three pockets on the inside, and one of them is a zip pocket.  There are also two side pockets, which when I opted to use this as a changing bag, was ideal for holding milk bottles.  I took this to work and it looked smart.  It was casual enough to use when meeting friends for lunch and fancy enough to carry when going out for dinner.  Overall a perfect bag!

My most recent purchase, which was actually a belated birthday present, is the Richmond Rose Navy Multi Pocket Backpack.


Chicco is no longer using the pushchair, no longer in nappies, no longer drinking from a bottle and generally needs a lot less stuff.  Thank goodness, the big bulky but much loved changing bag can finally be retired!  On long day trips to the park, etc. I still need to carry stuff including snacks and drinks, but I also need something that will leave my hands free.  The backpack was the ideal solution.  I found another that I quite liked, but I’m harbouring a secret loyalty to Cath Kidston and so far their bags have marked milestones in my motherhood journey.  Therefore it made sense that this should be the backpack I choose.

This backpack is perfect.  Just the right size.  It looks nice and feminine even though it has structure and the matte print is not too garish (important as this is a large item).  The backpack has three compartments; a zipped pocket at the front, one large zipped pocket in the middle and a padded zipped pocket at the back.  The back pocket is really for laptops, but I like it as the padding protects my back from any bulky items inside. The only negatives I have are that there are no small pockets inside, which doesn’t bother me too much as I tend to keep smaller items organised in a little bag anyway; and there are no side pockets where you could possibly keep water bottles.

Ultimately though, I love it!  I’ve already used it a couple of times and it fits everything I need in with plenty of extra space and is also super comfortable.

I am so pleased with this new addition to my Cath Kidston family and I’m really looking forward to expanding it next year!  I’ll have to plan a holiday as an excuse to buy one of their flight bags!

Adios for now!


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