This crazy world!

They say it takes a village to raise a child; a village and the internet!

This is why I’ve decided to write blogs and put my experiences out there.

I’m a single mum with a beautiful little boy and if he isn’t a handful enough, I also have a full-time job.  Life has thrown many obstacles my way, but my wonderful parents taught me to always get back up and push ahead.

I’ve raised my son on my own with some help from family.  And what they haven’t taught me, I’ve scoured the internet to learn.  I’ve made some mistakes, what parent hasn’t, but overall I’ve done a pretty good job.

I know how hard it is when you don’t know what to do next and the guilt that comes with feeling like you’re not doing enough.  I was always reminding myself that I was doing my best and that I am not perfect.  The most important thing is keeping my son safe and ensuring he knows he is loved.

Although I’m not an expert, I’m hoping my blogs will be useful to parents who need to know there are others in the same boat, or useful for people in general.  Because I may be a cool mum, but I’m also a sassy lady!!

I’ll blog about the mischief my son and I get up to, the things I’ve had to learn as a mother, things I like to cook (I’m also an awesome baker), a little bit of beauty and fashion, and just to mix things up, how I organise my home.

My son and I, we live, we laugh, we cry, we’re crazy, but we’re happy.

Welcome to our world.


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